Election scheduled for the 4th of September, 2021.

Protocol: Good morning

I welcome you all to this very important meeting.

First of all let me apologize once more for having postponed the Kaduna State Local Government Councils Election twice.  That was due to circumstances beyond our control.  We thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation during this time of waiting.

At the last meeting we had with you on 2nd June 2021, we informed you that we had to postpone the election that had been slated for 5th June 2021 to the 14th August 2021 because our machines batteries were still being expected.

I am glad to inform you that those long awaited batteries finally arrived SIECOM yesterday.  I am sure you will understand that it is impossible for us to conduct the election within the twelve days left to the 14th August 2021, because we do not only have to install batteries in 6000 units of EVMs, We also need to install the software, upgrade the machines, test them, train our staff and ad-hoc staff (about 16,500) on the operation of the new system, then conduct public and voter education on the method of voting, before we can deploy for election.

Consequently, as much as we wanted to maintain our earlier announced date of 14th August 2021 for the conduct of the Local Government Councils Election in Kaduna State, that is now impossible.

We are aware that political parties, their candidates and indeed the general public in Kaduna State are anxious to exercise their civic duty in electing those they want to represent them in the Local Government Councils, we have committed ourselves to work tirelessly to ensure that the date we announce today, will indeed be sustained.

We do wish to place on record our profound appreciation for the understanding and cooperation we have received from all of you stakeholders particularly the political parties and their candidates, throughout our challenging times when we had to postpone the election a number of times.

I believe that when you see and try out the new improved version of our EVM today, you will agree that the wait was worthwhile, and that SIECOM is poised to deliver an election that is free, fair, credible and acceptable to the citizens of Kaduna State.

Finally, distinguished ladies and gentlemen may I solicit your continued support and commitment to a free, fair, credible and violence free election into Local Government Councils in Kaduna State.  May I announce that the election is now scheduled for the 4th September, 2021.

Thank you and may God bless us all and bless all the dear citizens of Kaduna State.

Dr. Saratu Binta Dikko-Audu