Executive Summary: Public Education & The Electoral Process

This publication, Executive Summary:  Public Education  and the  Electoral Process, is a summary  of the   Handbook for Public Education on Electoral Process and has covered the same issues. The Summary in covering the same basic issues has however,used a bullet point presentation approach to enable the reader much easier grasp of each of the issues
and has thereby included more details. The issues covered to bring awareness include;

• Fundamental issues
• Governance in a democracy,
• Stakeholders in a democracy,
• The Ward as a basic electoral unit
• The mass media in public education

The major addition in the Executive Summary is that it has shown what is involved in
deepening democracy in terms of what is required of government and of citizens.
Much more than entrenching democracy by continuously conducting free, fair and
credible elections, deepening democracy requires that elected representatives of the
people work to serve their interests.

The Executive Summary is intended for those who do not have time for reading long
narrative but are interested in getting the essential information. However,details
can be obtained from the Handbook for Public Education on Electoral Process. The sub-titles
are intended to assist the reader to find information quickly based on issues of interest or of
questions asked. The Executive Summary should also help to encourage greater
interest and participation in the democratic process by all stakeholders, especially by the
persons elected into office.

The Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission (KAD-SIECOM) believes that this
publication will be of immense benefit to all those who interact with it and encourages
that those who come into contact with it do
share its contents with others. Read more