Handbook for Public Education on Electoral Process

Starting from the position that in a democracy, government is of the people, by the people and for the people, the Handbook has covered issues of the electoral process in a democracy in the Nigerian context
and as applies to Kaduna State. The fundamental issue is that all citizens have rights as stakeholders in a democracy, including those not of voting age or those who are unable to vote. The Handbook has therefore clarified basic issues of the difference between the election process and the electoral process and the difference between entrenching and deepening democracy.
Issues covered to bring about public awareness of the electoral process include;
• The phases of the electoral process,  • Governance in a democracy,
• Stakeholders in a democracy,               • Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs)
• The Ward as a basic electoral unit,      • The right of citizens as stakeholders in a democracy,
• Kaduna State Local

This Public Education Handbook is intended to close the information gap created by the focus on elections using Voter Education in the concern to provide information to all Nigerian citizens on the electoral process. This Handbook therefore should help to encourage greater interest and participation in the democratic process.